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    Thursday, December 2nd, 2010
    11:35 pm
    I'm Alive and I Have Holiday Cards!
    I am alive. 2010 has been hellish and I will eventually get around to posting about it. I'm too exhausted to deal with it all now. I spent the evening working on bulletin boards with my Board of Library Teens (aka BOLT). They ate all the cupcakes that I bought for a snacks and didn't even leave one for me. I should know better than to leave cupcakes unattended in a room full of teenage girls.

    Did everyone see this? There was a Devon secret on Tumblr:

    Because I am lazy, I am reposting this from a few years ago. Because I am trying to overcome my laziness, I will send this cards out this year if it kills me.

    Tired of opening your mailbox to find bills and junk mail? Need a laugh? Lost your will to live? Then you must send me your snail mail address and card preferences now! I inherited a Big Box O'Cards and feel the need to mail them out this holiday. Everything must go!

    Categories include:
    Scottish Terriers
    Sick and Twisted
    Boynton (Cute and Funny)
    I Love You, Jesus
    Cute Forest Animals
    Realist Forest Animals
    Shiny Poinsettia
    Have a Purple Christmas
    Psuedo-Victorian Chick Who Kind Of Looks Like Inara From Firefly If You Squint Hard And Take Off Your Glasses
    Firefighter Kitsch
    Mary Engelbreit

    You don't have to limit yourself to one category. I am willing to send you more than one card. I have a roll of stamps and time on my hands.

    Don't know me? I don't care!

    Act now as supplies are limited! Send your address to eccentrici at aol dot com (fix the address, duh). Rest assured that I will not share your address with others or show up on your front porch drunk and wielding a spatula (unless you are into that).

    New for 2010: ask nicely and I might write you an Oz/Devon drabble on the inside of the card.

    x-posted everywhere
    Saturday, October 3rd, 2009
    12:15 am
    Jason Hall Interview

    I have no words.
    Saturday, September 5th, 2009
    11:53 pm
    Cake Balls, Sushi, and Oz/Devon=Best Birthday Ever!
    Thanks to everyone for their birthday wishes! I haven't been very diligent about logging on, reading and replying.

    I took Friday, August 28th off from work for my birthday. I had to work Saturday and Sunday so I had to delay my usual birthday vacation until September 2nd through 7th. 

    The Thursday before my birthday, I received a darling card from Christine,our Children's Assistant, and a Michael's gift card from Deb, our Circulation Manager. That night at Club Anime, Emily (one of my favorite anime teens) brought me a beautiful mixed bouquet of flowers and a birthday balloon. She told me that she asked to florist for something "classy" because that's the kind of person I am.  Too cute!

    Friday was sushi and shopping with my mother and sister. A fun time was had by all.

    We picked up FandomNiece after school. A few of her friends called her to sing "Happy Birthday" to me and a lot of  the anime club kids texted birthday messages to her for me. (As much as I love my anime kids, I'm not about to hand out my phone number. Luckily, FandomNiece is friends with all of them and can field messages for me.)

    While FandomNiece was here, I checked Dreamwidth and found my favorite birthday present online from [info]glossing . It's a wonderful Oz/Devon story entitled Backseat driver in a car of love. It's an X-rated crossover with Pineapple Express that has kept me smiling for days.  The characterization is absolutely perfect. I couldn't have asked for a better birthday present.

    On Sunday, we did the family thing and had dinner at Roma's, a local Italian restaurant.  Since we had trouble finding a whole wheat cake mix, Mom made a gluten free chocolate cake with dark chocolate icing that was surprisingly yummy.  Thumbs up for Pamela's brand cake mixes!

    On Tuesday, Carol (another Circulation Assistant) met me at Whataburger to deliver my birthday Cake Balls along with some peanut butter balls.  The Whataburger employee who was taking a smoke break probably thought it was the strangest drug deal ever because Carol pulled up to my car, handed me the box (wrapped in Dick and Jane paper), and then drove off. I adore Carol's Cake Balls because in addition to being delicious, they also give me the opportunity for me to tell her repeatedly how I love having her balls in my mouth.

    So, it was a fabulous birthday. Turning 42 was painless and fun.

    Sunday, August 16th, 2009
    10:59 pm
    I'm Alive!
    For those of you who don't follow me on Twitter, I survived my colonoscopy with a clean bill of health. I have to go back to the doctor in a year and hopefully, won't have to repeat the procedure until 2014!

    Everyone was right about the worst part being the drinking of the "cleansing" meds. Here's how it went:
    6pm, 1st 8 ounce glass: That's really not all that bad. I don't know what the fuss if about. It's like a salty orange drink.
    6:15 pm, 2nd 8 ounce glass: A really salty, orange drink.
    6:30pm, 3rd 8 ounce glass: Damn, that's salty. And the citrus flavor is not doing anything to help the situation. Hey, what's that noise?  Is that my stomach?
    6:50pm, 4th 8 ounce glass: MOTHERFUCKER! I can barely choke this down.
    I went to mix up my 2am dosage and was interrupted by something that I will not describe. Let's just say, the meds kicked it.
    2am, 5th 8 ounce glass: This is horrible but I can do this. I must do this.
    2:20am, 6th 8 ounce glass: I'm not going to make it.
    2:40am, 7th 8 ounce glass: Just one more after this one. Just one more after this one. Just one more after this one.
    3:00 am, 8th (and final) 8 ounce glass: Just drink. Don't think about it. Drink it. (Chugs it) VICTORY IS MINE!

    As for the procedure, I totally slept through everything. I wasn't even awake to talk to my doctor but luckily, my Mom was there to hear the good news.
    Wednesday, August 12th, 2009
    12:35 pm
    I Survived Summer Reading and...
    all I got is this stupid colonoscopy.  Tomorrow I am having  a colonoscopy. I thought about cut-tagging it but I'm not going into any detail. I'm too young for this but my father had colon cancer and my doctor thinks it's important to have one.

    I think the most unpleasant thing about this whole experience is the fasting. I can't eat anything but "clear liquids" today.  Clear liquids are not food. 

    To distract myself, I  loaded up on books, DVDs, and CDs. I must stay away from the TV because I naturally gravitate to Food Network, Man Vs. Food and Top Chef. Food=good.  Even the "Why Yer Fat" RSS feed is making me hungry.

    I will also be catching up journal posts. The only good thing about summer reading is that when it's over, I have lots of fic to read!  

    LOL, the Spell Checker offers the following replacements for colonoscopy: cloudscape, kaleidoscope.
    Monday, June 22nd, 2009
    11:15 pm
    Puppies! Live!

    My first dog was a Jack Russell named Patches (dude, I was only 6 when I named her so don't blame me).  Watch and enjoy.
    Thursday, June 18th, 2009
    4:52 pm
    It Is True. I Am Made of Win.

    Below is an exact copy of one of my answers on my employee self-evaluation. Guess which sentence I was asked to cut?

    2.       List your accomplishments during this year that made you more successful in your job?


              I served as Chairperson of the CEC in 2008. It taught me how to manage people and their varying schedules. I also learned some good conflict resolutions skills.


              I organized and co-presented “Videogames: Rated “E” For Everyone” for the CEC. The initial presentation was so successful that we were asked to repeat it in the Spring of 2009.  Even though I have dabbled in PowerPoint and Google docs, I really learned how to navigate both pieces of presentation software during this experience.


              In Spring 2009, I also organized and co-presented “TeenSpeak” for the CEC.  One of the librarians told me that this seminar was far more valuable than any of her classes in college. This time around, I explored academic research since this presentation required a more scholarly approach in addition to my personal experience. I discovered that I really love the teaching aspect of this profession.


              I developed and organized a very popular video game room at the Humble ISD Teen Lit Fest.  It was an excellent way to hone my outreach skills.


              I managed to schedule three school visits at the Atascocita Middle School. This was my first real formal school presentation and I learned how to develop an effective, short overview of the summer reading program that would entertain and inform.


              I took a bite out of crime when I ran down a thief who tried to steal our money jar. This proved that I may be fat, but if need be, I am fast. It also proves that I am made of awesome and win.


              I started my Spanish courses and will be taking my midterm exam during my August vacation.

    Sunday, June 7th, 2009
    10:30 pm
    I Lost My Twitter Mojo
    I tried Twittering the Tonys but lost my mojo about 11 minutes into the program. I did write up a recap and tweated it here.

    One thing I didn't mention was the nomination of Rock of Ages. Here's my idea. If you can just cobble together a musical with existing music, how about YouTube: The Musical.  I say this just because I want to see this song performed on the Tony Awards. Along with Chocolate Rain and Shoes (and it's Spanish version Zapatos), I think we have a winner.  If this happens, I'd better get some credit for this brilliant idea.

    Just a warning, you will probably not here much from me until August 9th. Yes, the Summer Reading Program started this Friday at the library. I had about 40 kids in for pizza, prizes and video games.  It has taken me two days to recover. 

    Tomorrow I have Scenes and Screens, my drama and film club. We have the month of June to make as many short films as possible. In July, we will produce a play for the children's department. Too bad we can't do YouTube: The Musical. 

    7:06 pm
    Tweeting the Tonys
    I will post something more substantial later but the Tony Awards take precedence over everything right now. I'm tweeting it at
    Wednesday, May 27th, 2009
    5:11 pm
    Crazy Ass Library Patron of the Day
    Quotes of the day:

    "Asthma is a genius disorder and a psychotic disorder in the male."

    "Asthmatics are afraid of water. That's why law enforcement likes to put them over on the bridge. They (asthmatics) can make water catch on fire."

    "The National Guard is doing maneuvers behind my house."

    All of this from a gentleman with a gilded scooter and shorts that were way to short.

    In previous visits, he asked my tall coworker if she had vaginal problems because tall women are prone to vaginal and reproductive ailments. Then he ILLed an article on vaginal worms in infants.

    I love working in a public library.
    Tuesday, May 12th, 2009
    6:23 pm
    Happy Birthday, Gloss!
    Happy Birthday, [info]glossing! (I'm at the reference desk so I have to make is short!)
    Thursday, April 30th, 2009
    11:47 pm
    Dreamwidth: Pet Me, I'm a Whore
    Thanks to [info]glossing, I now have a Dreamwidth under the name eccentrici. I have also created a DW version of Devonluv because Devon's a whore just like me.

    I'm not leaving IJ. Just exploring new horizons.
    Sunday, April 19th, 2009
    11:50 pm
    Someone Should Write This...
    Your challenge is to write crossover fanfiction combining Dragonball Z and the Partridge Family.
    The story should use anal sex as a plot device!

    Generated by the Terrible Crossover Fanfiction Idea Generator

    Sadly, it won't be me.

    I have a presentation tomorrow on Teen Culture so I will be teaching libarians about fandom with an emphasis on anime fandom. So I get to explain hentai and yaio! All I can say is....TENTACLES!

    Starting Wednesday, I will be on vacation for 6 days. A fitting reward for everything I will have to endure tomorrow.
    Thursday, April 16th, 2009
    11:07 pm
    Seth Green's Mohawk

    Just too awesome for words. Look! 

    Wednesday, April 1st, 2009
    12:54 pm
    I Wish This Was A Real Service!

    My dad still doesn't understand that a Blackberry is a cel phone. During Ike, I spent countless hours trying to explain that if cel service was down that we couldn't just use my brother's Blackberry because IT'S A CEL PHONE!
    Sunday, March 22nd, 2009
    2:16 am
    Good Days, Bad Days
    I just finished my first Spanish assignment! Whooo-hooo! Only 3 more before my midterm. Of course, I procrastinated and I have to finish the entire course by May 6th, but I did take a year of Spanish in high school so I should be able to make the deadline. 

    I've also been writing again. Our new Reference Librarian started a poetry group and it's really helped goad me into writing. I might even start writing fanfiction again and fulfill all those past due obligations that I've been promising to write people for years. 

    This week's Dollhouse finally made me happy that I stuck with the series. A third of the way through the episode, I was cursing Joss' name but then he turned it around and convinced me that it was all time well spent. 

    Part of me is dreading Monday and part of me wishes it was already Tuesday. On Monday, we have to take my dog, Rhett (my sister named him so don't blame me), to the doctor and I have a feeling I know what the doctor is going to say. Rhett is 17 years old. He's been pretty spry for his age but the past few weeks, we've been noticing a major decline. He really doesn't know where he is or what is happening around him. He has trouble eating and drinking. We've been preparing ourselves for the past fews years but it doesn't make it any easier to say goodbye. I thought it would but it doesn't. It doesn't help that my mom has transferred all her feelings about my father's declining health to the dog. In the end, there is no cure of old age. We all know that. It just doesn't make it any easier.
    Thursday, January 8th, 2009
    10:47 pm
    Devon: The Early Years
    From Overheard in New York: 10 Bucks Says He Falls to His Death in a Reflecting Pool Little boy, singing and dancing: I'm too sexy for my skin, too sexy to be here, too sexy for this train. Oh yeah! 20-something woman: Stop it! Be quiet! (train doors open) Little boy, yelling: I'm gorgeous! (taunts 20-something woman and other passengers with a teddy bear, throwing his arms in the air) I'm gorgeous! --R Train
    4:01 pm
    Good Read: My New Addiction

    I can't stay away from Good Reads. The only problem I have encountered is remembering all the books I have read. For the past few years, I have been keeping track but that's just a drop in the bucket. I haven't even entered the children's books I have read. Considering I finished all  the Caldecott Award winners last year, that's a huge task.  I haven't even started reviewing books yet.

    Wednesday, December 31st, 2008
    9:26 am
    Look What We Found!
    This morning, Gloria found a toilet brush on one of the self-checkout machines. A few minutes later, I found a straighted coat hanger next to the phone on the circulation desk.  Is it going to be that kind of day?

    BTW, the best find ever was a huge kitchen knife and a baby pacifier on top of the self-checkout machine. My thought...KILLER BABIES!
    Tuesday, December 30th, 2008
    8:06 pm

    Creepy Annoying Homeschool Kid just asked me if we had any books about making fuses. The little dude is barely able to see over the counter and he's already planning to bring about the end of days. Too bad we don't have the Anarchist's Cookbook...

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